Digital Scholarship

We expand the capacity of researchers at Penn to create and share new kinds of scholarship.

The Digital Scholarship group, formed in Spring 2016, includes seven full-time library staff members, three project-focused short-term staff members, student workers, and a connected network of collaborators in the Penn Libraries and around campus. Our primary activities are designed to support new scholarly creation through data curation and management; develop and engage with new methods for digital research projects, including the digital humanities; and explore new publishing models, especially open access publishing.

Our 2016-2018 goals

  • Build a research data management and curation program

  • Make library collections more consistently usable as data

  • Develop and nurture a network of collaborators in support of digital scholarly creation

  • Establish sustainable workflows, training, and documentation for digital research projects

  • Expand and promote programs for digital open access publishing

  • Expand the library’s capacity to engage in new methodological practices